Lol 2 rich, staff applacation.

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Lol 2 rich, staff applacation.

Post  lol 2 rich on Mon Jul 06, 2009 11:06 pm

1.User Name in Game: lol 2 rich

2.What Position Are You Applying For? any staff will be allright thankz.

3.What Should you Be Chosen for This Position? well as im quiet known in a lot of servers, but i have quit them as they have been stuffed up, given away. and on them servers i was co owner, admin, mod. i also have my own server witch i do not play.

4.What Will you Do to help out server? tbh, i think im a really good player, i dont swear or take advantage of being staff, i will help by stopping duper's and spammers, also mabey even help code if needed and just be a well known happy player that plays by the rules.

5.Do You have Staff Experience/What Experience? as i said i have been co 0wner, admin, mod, and owner =].

6.Are you Helpful,Active in game? yes, i will be on client every day for atleast 4-5 hours lol yes im a nerd Very Happy and will help in every way i can thankz.

7.Have You Ever Been Staff in Any other Server, if Yes Please Name Them? mod on pwnscape, admin on rush pk, co owner on r1ch pk3rs client, 0wner of my 0wn, 2blitzzy.

8.Do You Agree That You may Not be Chosen For this Potision? yes i do, but hopefully i might be able for a position as i will help out alot thankz =].
lol 2 rich
lol 2 rich

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Re: Lol 2 rich, staff applacation.

Post  panic on Mon Jul 20, 2009 3:06 am

I have never seen u, delete this?

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