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d3f k0es for mod

Post  d3f k0es on Thu Jul 16, 2009 5:32 am

Hello, my in game name is Def K0es, i'm online most of the time, but i'm not well known on this server. I'm hoping to get mod to help lots of people with there problems on the server and to help this server to be dupe free.

ingame name: d3f k0es

real name: Alex

why i want to be mod?: ive always wanted to be because you can pk and help the server and i dont like to be greedy and have admin and co first off i like to earn my way through the ranks. Also help lots of new players and players that don't know much about the server and tell them the requirements. I respect everybody an i'm nice to other people, aswell as the staff. I help people if they have trouble with clue scrolls, like where to dig.

how do i help other players?: i yell helping player with anything pm me and usually i get 1 or 2 things about how to get money or how to get items and usually it helps them a lot

how often do I play?: i play 3-7 hours a day

how long have I been playing?: 1 week

do i follow the rules?: yes all the time

thank you for reading and i hope i get mod and ill be very grateful

by the way this is my first every application for mod ever and i hope its a success

thank you, d3f k0es

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