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Money guide.

Post  panic on Sat Jul 18, 2009 9:36 pm

here is some simple ways to make some simple money;)

first on is the battle mager's!

bring 20 prayer pots and rest is food. for armor use whip, or something fast, or bring magic if you want, its really good xp to get there.

these drop, mage book, master wand, saradomin,guthix and zamorak staff and cape's.

next on is the king black dragon's!

bring good armour, rune or bether, and anti dragon shield and full bag of food.

this dragon drop: dragon med helms, saradomin sword's, clue scroll's, robin hood hat and ranger boot's.

next off its pking.

here its up to you about what armour you sould use, probely combat 115 pking is the best way to get cash, and if you pk all the they you would be rich, becouse you can get pvp point's and when you have alot you can buy items for them.

next on is buying clue scoll's from people.

you buy them for like 15m each, and find out were all the spot's are, you can look it up on this forum. from this clue's you can get 3'rd age items that will sell for good money,

well that's some of my money tip's, hope you made some money.

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