i would like to be mod on this server=D

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i would like to be mod on this server=D

Post  hell ws full on Mon Jul 20, 2009 10:58 pm

1,UserName in Game:hell ws full

2,What Potision Are You Applying For?i wanna apply for mod

3,What Should you Be Chosen for This Potision?[Alist 150 Words They Will Be overed by Owner]
well i like helping peepz and i know different languages so that helps with cursers to,and i dont want admin cuz i want to pk lolz:P and i dont like spawned stuff but i will be good mod and i am almost always on and i can help the owner code some stuff cuz i did that alot before i still know lots off things but stuff changed though and i always warn 3 times before i do something. that was it i think i dont know what else to say

4,What Will you Do to helpout server?i will mute players that spam after 3 warnings for 1 hour or i dont know what time it is, i never abuse and i help when i can and i never curse

5,Do You have Staff Experiance/What Experiance?yes i been lots of mods/admins/owners on much servers but they all stopped cuz some ppl had to pay to much or the server was getting crashed or pcs where getting hacked and stuff like that

6,Are you Helpful,Active inGame?i love to help ppl already said above and i am alot on said that above to

7,Have You Ever Been Staff in Any other Server, if Yes Please Name Them?[NOT BY IP]oblivion,2speced for while then got demote cuz wasent active cuz off school exams ,and much servers that i dont know names from even 1 server where i coded so much for that i got co-owner when i coded 1 little thing a little bit wrong he iped me so.... i make faults but thats humanity

8,Do You Agree That You may Not be Chosen For this Potision?yes why not its ur disesion or something lol
hell ws full
hell ws full

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