lon3wolf for mod!

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lon3wolf for mod!

Post  lon3wolf on Tue Jul 21, 2009 6:53 pm

1. UserName In-Game: lon3wolf

2. What Position Are You Applying For?
I am applying for moderator.

3. Why Should you Be Chosen for This Potision?[At least 150 words that will be covered by owner]
Well first of all ill get the job done, ive been a mod before. SO i am expiernced. i am very dedicated to my job. I am vey responsible unlike other kids or peaple who play vps's since ive been a mod before i know whats my job ingame. I will be very helpfull to anybody who will ask me a question and do everything in my power to help him/her out.

4. What Will you Do to help out the server? I will advertise on other big servers.(started already btw) I will do what ever need to keep this server/economy running smooth.

5. Do You have Staff Experience? If so, What Experience? Yes, ive been a mod i was a moderator for about four mounths the server name was ddz-pkerz the server crashed do to many accounts.

6. Are you Helpful and Active In-Game? Yes. Very i play for upto 2-4 hours a day when i have free time.

7. Have You Ever Been Staff in Any other Server? If Yes, Please Name Them? like i said i was a moderator for four mounths on ddz-pkerz.

8. Do You Agree That You may Not be Chosen For this Potision? yes i am very aware of that . but if so ill try harder next time.

well all vote lon3wolf


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Re: lon3wolf for mod!

Post  panic on Tue Jul 21, 2009 6:55 pm

Lon3wolf!! edit this, use the application format fool.


I reall vote u mod.
ur awesome...Good friend hehe.

i Voted for others, But he's #1.

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