Mod Ilya Admin Application

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Do you think Mod Ilya should be an admin?

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Mod Ilya Admin Application

Post  ilya on Wed Jul 22, 2009 8:00 pm

1,UserName in Game:
Mod Ilya

2,What Potision Are You Applying For?

3,What Should you Be Chosen for This Potision?[Alist 150 Words They Will Be overed by Owner]
i think i should be admin cause i help out all new players alot of people say i should be promoted to admin and i am very helpfull.and i advertise

4,What Will you Do to helpout server?
I am already helping server but i will help it out alot more

5,Do You have Staff Experiance/What Experiance?
Not alot

6,Are you Helpful,Active inGame?

7,Have You Ever Been Staff in Any other Server, if Yes Please Name Them?[NOT BY IP]
yes i was for under-rated

8,Do You Agree That You may Not be Chosen For this Potision?
i kinda do not but you never know i might not be ready

thx for reading plz vote

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mod ilya's admin app.

Post  claude9811 on Wed Jul 22, 2009 8:05 pm

reasons why i think he should be admin is cause..

1.) He helped me alot in game, showed me how to do certain things. also a good friend.
2.)When i needed help he gave me help.
3.)surportive over spawned n discouragen them, and then telling them that is wrong.

Main point i think ilya should be an "Admin".

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