R4ng3Dds' Application

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R4ng3Dds' Application

Post  R4ng3Dds on Thu Jul 02, 2009 11:18 pm

1. UserName In-Game: R4ng3Dds

2. What Position Are You Applying For? I am applying for any staff position that you have open.

3. Why Should you Be Chosen for This Potision?[At least 150 words that will be covered by owner]I have been told on recent servers that I do my job very well, I am not too tough, not too light on players, I can do what needs to be done. I can help out players when needed. I am very good at doing my job.

4. What Will you Do to help out the server? I can easily advertise on other servers if needed. I will do whatever you would need me to do.

5. Do You have Staff Experience? If so, What Experience? Yes. I have been at least once every staff position possible. I have been an admin, I owned a server, I have co-owned a server, i have moderated a server, i have coded a server, and i have hosted a server.

6. Are you Helpful and Active In-Game? Yes. Very much so.

7. Have You Ever Been Staff in Any other Server? If Yes, Please Name Them?[NOT BY IP] Yes. Head admin on Black-Owner, Co-Owner of PKerzForLife (Did not last) and I was a mod on MillerScape.

8. Do You Agree That You may Not be Chosen For this Potision? Of course. I will just need to try harder.


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